Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our family in Oslo

We've been travelling around Denmark and Norway for a month, and are on our way to Madrid tomorrow for the rest of 2014.  I haven't posted at all, but on this our last day of a wonderful time in Scandinavia, I just had to post.  Mike missed most of Oslo, travelling back to the US to get our Spanish visas, so the kids and I had seen much of the town and got just a bit off the beaten track today.   This afternoon, we went to Ekeburg Park, a large park with sculptures throughout the grounds.  I would highly recommend it, especially for active kids.  One of the sculptures was of a Moibus, which Mike wanted to see.  In this photo, Silas is climbing on the sculpture and Mike and Maeve are looking at a model moibus so she can understand how it can have only one side when a strip of paper usually has two.  All family interactivity with art. This is so our family!

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