Saturday, August 30, 2014


What can I say, the kids had a great time the 2 days we were in Legoland.  2 days was great -- we did the whole park, and the kids could do repeats on what they liked. We didn't feel rushed, lines weren't too long, and the thrill was right for our kids.  All in all a good choice.

Favorites included frogger, a small-kid drop-you-down ride.

Amazingly enough, Silas was just big enough with shoes on to ride the adult version of this.  It was in the haunted house, and both kids loved it, despite Maeve having some anxiety beforehand.

The kids most loved the rides, although we also quite enjoyed looking at Mini Land. Silas went on his first roller-coaster.  The spinning cups were also a  bit hit, and Maeve, Silas, and Mike even stuck them out for one ride in a short downpour.

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