Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tigre delta

In March, Paul and Carolyn visited us in Buenos Aires.  We took a weekend trip to a hotel-resort in the Rio de la Plata Delta, out from Tigre, a small town about 40 K outside Buenos Aires.  We were quite lucky - that weekend was the first cooler weekend in fall and with the change in weather and the wind off the Atlantic, the delta flooded.

 This is the back of the La Morada resort, with the tennis courts, lawn, ping pong under the roof etc.  It's how it usually is.
 This is the back view of the hotel when we woke up in the morning.
 Our friendly inkeeper and staff bringing us breakfast by canoe.  We stayed in the rooms on the pool deck, conveniently raised above the water.
 Patio breakfast next to the pool and the flooded back area.  You can see some of the dikes around the property which were not effective.
 Mike canoeing around with Paul and Silas.  They pumped out the water over the course of the day and later on we just sloshed through in sandals.
 We took a boat ride through the delta to another resort that did nature walks on their dikes.  We learned about water hyacinth, which floats on top of the water and has lovely lilac blooms.  Lots had gotten stranded by the flood and the kids became plant rescuers for the day.
 Our walk on top of very big dikes that weren't flooded.
It was crazy but fun to be there in a flood, and we still got to go in the pool, play tennis, play  foosball, play ping pong, hang out in hamacas, ride in the canoe, fish, and go for boat rides.  I didn't get a picture, but a the water buses (colectivos) were cool - very big wooden boats that zoomed through the creeks and rivers, dropped and picked up folks quickly. 

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