Saturday, September 20, 2014

Madrid Rio

Madrid Rio
September 20, 2014

Today we bought bikes (will be cheaper for Mike's commute in the long run, and we'll use them) from a used bike shop.  We came home via the new park on the Manzanares River.  In the last decade, the ring highway was put underground and there is now a great park for about 8 K on the river.  We live at the N end and will definitely enjoy eventually biking all of it with the kids.  We biked about 5 K home from the bike shop today, stopping at several awesome playgrounds along the way.

The first two photos are from earlier this week when I took the kids out to the river and they did a ropes course playground.
Madrid Rio

The photos below are from today, from our ride back from the bike shop, about 6 k or less in total.  Mike and my bikes weren't ready yet, so we walked/ran while the kids biked.  The first playground is made up of swings on the underside of a bridge.  Mike was pushing the kids so high they were swinging 8 feet or more in the air.

This is from the jabali (wild pig) playground, a little farther on. 

At Puente del Rey, which is a new pedestrian connector between Principe Pio (the neighborhood where we live) and Casa del Campo (a huge city park), there was a family sports day.  Silas spent a long time learning how to kick a soccer ball.  All the boys here play soccer and Silas has never played, so it was great practice for him.

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