Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We are going on sabbatical

In a few days, we will leave the country for a year.  We will be in Europe (based in Madrid) from August through December, then in South America (based in Buenos Aires) from January through July.

Mike is on sabbatical (he gets a year off every 7 years without losing his job).  He will work at IMDEA Software in Madrid, then at the University of Buenos Aires.  Cat will quit her current job, though Literacy Source hopes she will re-join them when she returns to Seattle.  While in Madrid, she may also do some work at IMDEA, and she is confident about finding work in Buenos Aires.

Maeve and Silas are registered in the Fernández Moratín public school in Madrid.  The school instruction is in Spanish, which is what we wanted since our whole family speaks Spanish.  We are looking for an apartment that is near the school and has enough space for visitors to stay with us.

We haven't yet figured out our school and housing situation in Buenos Aires.

We have rented out our house for the year.  It has been a good opportunity to get rid of a lot of things we don't really need, and we will be packing quite lightly for our year abroad (one checked bag for the family).

It will be quite an adventure  and this blog may become more exciting as a result.

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