Monday, May 26, 2014

José Alvarez Serna in Seattle

José Alvarez Serna is a teacher from Columbia who spent a year as an intern at Maeve's school, McDonald International School.  Both the students and the teachers loved him, because it's great to have another teacher in the room to help managing 25 squirming, excited pupils.

We were even luckier.  José shared our home for three months, from December to March.  We had a wonderful time sharing our lives with him.  Here are a few of our memories.

José experienced snow for the first time, and we built a series of snowmen in our back yard, front yard, and in the park.   They started out small, but some of the later ones were taller than we are!

José celebrated Christmas with us.  There were always extra little hands to help him unwrap -- whether he needed the help or not.

José cooked traditional Columbian cuisine for us.  He even made it vegetarian.

José joined us for eagle-watching on the Skagit river.  We had the good luck to see 5, including 2 on the wing.

José returns to Columbia next month.  We will miss you!

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