Friday, October 12, 2012

Silas on the Tagalong

October 12, 2012

Silas is now big enough to ride on the Tagalong.  He's been practicing riding around the block and Wallingford for the past week.  He has to stretch a wee bit on the downstroke and I was a bit nervous about him riding on the big roads to school, but he did it yesterday the first time and he's fine.  Mike is avoiding the big downhill on 45th down to the freeway in front of Dick's Drivein for the moment.  Silas is so happy to be on the Taglong just like a big boy.

He's also now a maniac on his balance bike and we've taken off the training wheels on his regular bike, but he's not able to 2-wheel independently yet.

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Kira said...

So fun to measure his growth by what bicycle equipment he can manage. Miss you guys!! :)