Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Silas has started to like to get help to sit and stand up. He's quite strong.
Maeve and Daddy enjoyed playing in the baby swings at the park. Maeve was running into Daddy and having a great time.

Silas with Daddy at Wallingford Park. He's all warm in his winter suit.

For Halloween, Maeve was a monster. She didn't wear her monster head very much, but here's where we're walking from our house down to the main business district in Wallingford, where they had trick or treating at the business starting at 3 PM. We were meeting Dagan, Kyna, and Scott at 4 PM. The view here is of Meridian Avenue, one door down from our house.

At Fainting Goat Gelato, instead of giving out candy, they gave the kids free icecream. Maeve got mint and Dagan got raspberry. Dagan was a cool dragon.

Maeve enjoyed walking with Kyna, so here's Kyna with both kids with Scott and Cat (pushing Silas) taking up the rear.

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