Saturday, June 07, 2008

Panorama of Neuschwanstein.

Munich May 22-28, 2008

We visited Munich along with Rebecca Lantz and lots of her family. I'm posting photos first and will come back and fill in with some more text.
Cat, Mike and Maeve at the Marienbrucke (Mary Bridge), a short walk up from Neuschwanstein, Ludwig III's famous castle in the Alps.

Better view of Neuschwanstein from the Marienbrucke.

Our whole group at the Salzbergwerks. This is an amusement park set up in a Salt mine in the Alps on the border with Austria. We had to don these "mining" suits and then took a train ride down the shaft, followed by information about the salt mining process interspersed with other rides. The slide was the best.

Munich Dom. It was build of brick

Cat and Maeve outside Schloss Nymphenburg. It was originally built as the summer palace of the Bavarian king's mother, but was extensively rebuild and remodeled over the years. We spent our time there in the garden, looking into several opulent pavillions and checking out all the ducks, geese, and other wildlife.

Inside and outside view of the Asam Kirche, a church built by the Asam brothers, architects and interior designers. We took a tour with the local priest who explained all the baroque splendor, including the tongue in the reliquary.

Englisher Garten

Rathaus Glockenspiel. This plays twice a day, and the figures turn as the bells ring. The top scene is of knights jousting and the bottom scene is coopers dancing to celebrate the end of the plague.

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